This IS water.

Ok, so the video is quite heavy duty BUT.....

David Foster Wallace begins by talking about two young fish meeting an old fish and the old fish says, "Hows the water?" The young fish say, "What's water?"

This is so true of our life, when something is so big, so accepted and so ingrained though us, it is very difficult for us to understand it's presence and I quote Foster Wallace,

"The most obvious important realities are more often the ones hardest to see and talk about."

He later talks about the power of religion and being religious, or being non religious- that being stubborn toward any discipline doesn't mean we are more "right" but leads us to be less open to others opinions.

As a practitioner I also practice past life regression with patients who have requested this form of deep trance work and have seen some very amazing results. The video reminded me of this fascinating book written by Dr. Brian Weiss, "Many lives, many masters." where he has documented his work around past life regression, but he also says that he himself, is simply, open minded.

Many of my fellow clinical hypnotherapists have questioned why I would practice past life regression and I believe (just as the video above explains); it is not my position to KNOW definitively what is right and what is wrong: Every person has their story, their beliefs and their "water". It is not my place to judge nor hinder any persons' progression to understanding their own 'water" as it is not anyones place to judge my position.

Past life regression can be immensely exciting and thought provoking. The question I believe that I would ask my fellow practitioners is not, "why would you?" But "Why wouldn't you?!"