Problem? Solved.

I was walking to the tube (in a rush of course) the other morning, and as I was walking down Brixton hill, I noticed the elastic had gone in my right sock- Know that feeling?! Grrrr.....

-I didn't have time to stop and pull it up (of course). So for the rest of the walk all I could do was focus on that faulty sock, no matter what.

That got me thinking of how I just take my working socks for granted......No, really!

The same goes for life, I figure: We spend so much time focussing our mind on the things that we do wrong or that have gone wrong, and easily forget that we have so many more things that we do right or that go 'right'..... Especially the perfectionists in us.

It's been a while since I have blogged- as I became distracted by how one should Blog, and in the face of quietly knowing that I am a fine story teller (part of the job) I absolutely believed, that I am no skilled writer (!) and so I became defeated, and backed off (subconsciously) from blogging.

It was only until a friend said, "I really like your way of writing, why aren't you doing any blogs?" that I realised that rather than thinking that, actually the blogs may have been OK, I was focussing on my problem with blogging- I am no skilled literary tactician, let alone a genius that should be writing on the internet and I certainly do not write like I'm supposed to.

Hey ho.

I write like me.

So there we have it.

With a bit of thinking I concluded, What I have is the desire to heal; to help, and I am very fortunate that I have the ability and the vehicle to voice what hopefully could help.... Aaaaand, if it's technically inept, so be it... I am doing my best.

Sooo. Back to the topic at hand; socks....problems......problem behaviour.... the fallen sock.

A problem behaviour is simply something that we just don’t want to do anymore- what it is, it’s topic doesn’t matter- what matters is that we want it gone. So we can focus on the good stuff.

There are many different words used to describe problem behaviours, so I've listed a couple and popped at the end, what I think to be their opposite.


Problem  = a harmful matter needing to be dealt with and overcome  = Solution

Impulsive  = sudden strong unreflective urge  = Deliberate

Compulsive  = resulting from or acting on an irresistible urge  = Apathetic

Excessive  = more than is necessary, normal or desirable  = Moderate

Habitual  = done constantly or as a habit  = Temporary

Addicted  = physically dependent on a particular substance or activity   = Indifferent.

Dependent  = relying on something or someone for support  = Independent


Perhaps, then rather than considering the problem, we can use the mantra and with each problem, focus on the opposite, and say,

"I shall be.....'moderate' today in the face of biscuits" etc.

We can focus on the good things and/or our good qualities,

'I am indifferent when I think about Fig rolls'.....

"Today I shall be indifferent about chocolate digestives". 

That is the fab thing about self hypnosis, we can say these things, and truly adapt and focus our mind on our own solutions- It works, it takes time but it works.

With hypnotherapy we can communicate straight to the subconscious and work at really trusting and believing ourselves.

So that our behaviour (the one we want) goes as unnoticed as a good pair of socks.