Love Actually (in little miracles).

There are loads of reasons why I chose to practice Hypnotherapy and become a Hypnotherapist, I mostly practice because I  believe that there is so much we don't know about what we do and why we do it- there is a whole unseen world out there and in here (*points to the head).

My Grandparents were together for what seemed like forever when I was young, and were happy together. My grandma was disabled very early on with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my Grandpa cared for her, and from their late 40's onwards they were rarely separated.

In his mid 60s my Grandpa was diagnosed with (MND) Motor Neurone Disease (a muscle wasting disease that works its way through the system destroying muscle after muscle), it started with his foot; he just became unable to lift it to walk- it would just hang loosely. The Doctor diagnosed MND and so we all faced the news.....

And for decades that was all it was, just a dropped foot.

One day my grandmother took ill and sadly died quite suddenly, shocking us all but not as much as Grandpa, of course. He was lost without her, and so it began; The motor Neurone Disease took hold, and within a month it had worked its way through his body and my Grandfather died, just like that. He had no reason to keep living.

I was very close to my grandparents and I know, that my grandpa wanted to go and he 'allowed' his disease to take over....For him, in that last month the disease was a blessing- he didn't want to carry on without my grandmother.

Like everyone, we are all different, and all individual, and all react in unique ways to our challenges in life. One mans' rubbish is another mans' treasure and all that.

I have been very fortunate to witness what was for me, a miracle of the body and the minds' engineering; it has moulded me into the therapist I am today. It has composed my beliefs into what they are today, I know there is more to life than cells and biology and I am fortunate to have witnessed the minds' power in a truly awesome way.

So, as I walked along today, behind my parents (who surprised visited this weekend) I watched them walking ahead side by side, my dad held out his hand and my mum took it, neither needed to look.


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