I have been talking with a client or two of late about …..POWER songs!

In our  Hypnotherapy 'trade’ songs can act like audio anchors, and for me at my grand age, I have gathered a fab audio anchor or two….

https://youtu.be/07Fp-omNXCw  = My bedroom, me, aged 12, a rainy (Thursday/Tuesday?) evening after school, reading Smash Hits on my bed = Happiness.


https://youtu.be/NRFrCe3mLZk = My first crush… (I even remember his Full name) Junior school, summer’s days walking home, hoping to bump into him = Anything is possible.


Aaaaah….Of course! Writing this blog will take me ages…. As I just HAVE to listen to each and every tune! ….Best stop there.


There’s a whole wealth of years to minutes where just the few cords at the start of each and every song take me back to that moment in time. I have a whole library of emotional histories that I can tap into!

https://youtu.be/lQrezk5EmZ0 = Winkle-picker shoes, looking fab, Feeling Awesome.

Of course, I have to (sadly) give this one up….As my Elliot is moments away from 17, but I can only hope his future girlfriend has been taught well by her parents, and has this now retro song swinging it’s way through her head. 


That is the whole point of ‘anchors’ in hypnotherapy- we get taken to that past emotional state.

How amazing then, if we have at our fingertips, those songs that create in us positivity when we feel down… whether we like it or not?

That when we feel great and on-top of it all, we compile our awesome playlist that we can just press play when we are feeling down and our subconscious gets dragged into moments of happiness whether it likes it or not? 


I dare you not to smile with this…….



Finally, a word of warning- The above are all demonstrations of my well used power songs, to remind me of what it feels like to be in different states of happy that I can build on in my present day.


I can also choose recent, songs to create a feeling of empowerment in me, 

However……When choosing a new song or two, have a think whether the songs are “away from” or “going to” songs… We want GOING TO songs because we are always moving forward and whilst the past can help us positively we want to keep moving forward.


Do please feel free to email any power songs you have and I can start a nice little online library!