Ready, Steady, GO!


They’re all back to school.

That’s it.

The holidays are over and once again everyone’s social feeds are full of children in uniforms just that little bit too big, ready to begin their next year. Full of innocence for what’s to come.

They’re equipped for the year to come and full of promise and expectations.

It’s strange that as grown ups, we don’t have those assessment points anymore, years can blend into each other and before we know it we are pounding that same old treadmill that we did last year and the year before… and the year before that…

I keep an academic diary, one that starts in July for that very reason, I find my year is much better beginning in the autumn rather than the depths of the frozen and wet winter. I do this because, like many parents, this is when I come back from holiday filled with vigour for the months to come. So it is now I set my goals, (fair enough, I ignore quite a few of them), but this is the time I can dream, sitting in the garden with a lovely cuppa.

So perhaps you too could consider the same? While the sun is out, you feel positive (and most importantly), the kids are gone, and you can create in this beautiful peace before 3:30pm where it all begins again.