Blushing is an involuntary 'flushing' or reddening of the face face that may in some people spread to the ears, neck and upper chest. 

Blushing is usually a physical reaction to an emotional response such as embarrassment or stress, and for many it is an embarrassing reaction that can make an already embarrassing situation even worse. 

Normally blushing normally occurs when a strong emotional trigger stimulates the nervous system to expand the blood vessels in the face and neck etc. It is the increased blood flow in the underlying blood vessels of the skin that causes the skin to turn red.

Similarly blushing may also be triggered by drinking hot drinks or alcohol, by eating hot and/or spicy food, strenuous exercise or abrupt changes in temperature.

Sometimes blushing can be traced back to a particular past event, an original cause that has since become a habitual reaction. A 'vicious circle' can be established involving worry and the anticipation of blushing that will make it more likely to occur in a given situation in the future.

While blushing can be a 'normal' phenomenon and is not usually a cause for concern, some people may exhibit frequent and severe blushing which can be distressing and have a significant psychological impact. Over time this may lead to the individual avoiding certain situations and events, and adversely affect interaction with other people.

Furthermore blushing will often be linked with conditions like social anxiety disorder or social phobia that will lead to fears of social situations and events and interacting with other people; or a more generalised anxiety disorder that causes the individual to feel anxious about a wide range of issues, situations and events on an ongoing basis.

If blushing is intrusive and is adversely affecting the quality of your life then it is probably time to seek professional help!

Since the underlying causes of blushing are often psychological and emotional, hypnotherapy can be a safe, quick and effective answer and is beneficial in the treatment of irrational fears and phobias, and anxiety disorders.

Hypnotherapy can help control blushing by working with the individuals subconscious mind, where appropriate discovering the root cause of the problem, teaching the individual to deal with situations in a calmer, more relaxed and confident way without triggering this unwanted response.

Hypnotherapy is also used to increase self-confidence and feelings of self-esteem, and to reduce sensitivity to those situations that habitually trigger blushing.

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