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Hypnotherapy can help to treat anything that feels out of place in your mind.

Call, email or text any questions you have about how Hypnotherapy can work for you.


Have a browse around the site, (if you're on your phone, the lines in the top right corner are your menu), have a look under Treatments to see if there is anything that you feel applies to you, if not, just give me a call and we can have a chat on how Hypnotherapy can help you.

Sometimes our fear of success can be even more terrifying than any fear of failure, either way fear is just an emotion and with a bit of gentle persuasion we can use it to our advantage!


For a free 20min consultation, to discuss how hypnotherapy can work for you.

The Costings

A standard, one hour session is: £90

A specialist session of 1.5 hours is: £130

Smoking cessation: £180 a 1.5 hour session inc’ a back up/ top up session if needed.

Concessions are available and a work pay related system can be looked at too, after all, the point of hypnotherapy is to help not hinder, so please do ask.

All sessions and all phone calls are confidential.


Phone 020 8671 4902       Mobile 07976 629098       Email CLICK HERE


TUES - THURS: 7:00am - 9:00pm

FRI - SAT: 10:00am - 3:00pm 

SUN: Specialist appointments    

Evening and Saturday appointments are at a premium, so please be prepared that there may be a small wait.                                                                   


(For discretion, South London Therapy does not externally advertise on the building).


25 Harberson Road, Balham, London SW12 9QW

Home visits available on request

Due to work and time demands, we have retired to the south  ... of London.

All appointments will be based at the Balham location.

Ideally, Hypnotherapy works best spaced one week apart and usually treatment planning is based on this division. It is recommended that you consider dedicating a regular time slot to your first three sessions.

Standard sessions are one hour, initial sessions sometimes may not involve closed-eye hypnosis, however from the moment your session begins, Hypnotherapy is being practiced.

  • For long term anxieties, phobias or behavioural issues, usually a course of six sessions is recommended.

  • For recent environmental stresses or goal setting, usually two to four sessions are all that's needed.

  • Specialist sessions are longer and will usually involve a double closed-eye hypnosis session.

  • If you wish, monthly 'MOT' sessions are also available and are always offered after a course of treatment.

*There is a maximum of twelve once weekly sessions available to patients. Hypnotherapy is a fast working treatment, should you wish to work long term, this is ONLY available on a monthly basis, after the initial, agreed course of treatment.