"Before I met Tracey I was confused, anxious, frustrated with my relationship status and without a vision for my future life. A few months later I can happily say that Tracey has been instrumental in engineering a breakthrough in my life. She helped me to reinvent myself, regain balance and passion for life again. Several hypnotherapy sessions with Tracey took me to a completely new level. Tracey is a true specialist and a real pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her whether you are old or new to hypnotherapy as she proves it can be very powerful and life changing."

Do you feel tired and lacking energy most of the time, yet when you go to bed find you are unable to get a good nights sleep? Do you experience any nagging physical conditions like headaches, stomach upsets, aches, pains or an increased tendency to colds and flu? Have you noticed chest pains and an increased heart rate with a possible rise in blood pressure? Do you feel tense, emotional or unable to cope? Do you feel overwhelmed? Does some aspect of your life seem to be running out of control, your job or your relationship for example? Perhaps your life in general has become just too much to deal with?

Stress is the word used to describe the uncomfortable feelings people experience when demands made of them are greater than their ability to cope.

Stress is a very common condition which if unmanaged can lead to a variety of more serious health problems such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Impaired immune system

Stress may be viewed in terms of internal and external stressors:

External stressors are those potentials for stress that we are aware of around us and can include life experiences and traumatic events or simple daily hassles. They can range from problems at work to losing your job. Relationship problems to losing a loved one. Ill health and the impact this may have such as the inability to work, impending surgery and possibly even death.

Internal stressors are those potentials for stress that are within us and are often the most common. They are the thoughts and feelings that can pop into your head making you feel anxious or concerned. They can include unrealistic expectations, uncertainties, a lack of confidence, low self belief or other negative or unhelpful thought processes.

Everyone’s ability to cope with stress is different. Some people seem to have the ability to deal with large amounts of stress before they become overwhelmed, others very little.

The trick is getting to know yourself a little better, being able to recognise where a 'tipping point' may be and learning strategies to deal with how to move the 'tipping point' or if it happens, what to do when we reach it. we, together, can look at what your stress response may be; flight, fight, or freeze and discover ways to change your stress reaction.

For some, being uncertain may trigger more stress than being certain, for others it can be the other way around and too much certainty can lead to overwhelm or feeling caged, either way, getting to understand the triggers and altering them even just a tiny bit can make a massive amount of difference between wanting to bounce out of bed or pressing snooze and hoping the day will go away.

Tracey will work with you to help you identify your core issues; the problems which are leading you to feeling stressed and out of control; then together you can find new and different ways to cope and deal with what is stressful. Furthermore hypnotherapy is relaxing! As well as an effective way of creating new internal resources and relieving the symptoms of stress.

If you suffer from any of the problems listed above and would like to discuss what hypnotherapy can do for you please call Tracey now for a no obligation and informal chat.

Remember, "The same behaviour = the same outcome," What could you do differently TODAY…?

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