Have you ever noticed just how much deep damage guilt can do to someone you love or even you?

Guilt can simply mean the packet and not just the two planned biscuits, but even deeper, even darker, it can be a sign of us never forgiving ourselves, never truly trusting ourselves again.

We can shut down and shut people out because we are afraid of how we will be judged for what we have, or what we haven't done.

Guilt can slowly exclude us from living our life to the fullest, from embracing making decisions and choices, it can keep us where we know we won't be reached. It can disable our ability to feel  true joy- something we all deserve to feel.

But we can easily feel guilty for making those wrong choices where we just can't forgive ourselves for what we have done, can stop us accepting we are only human, and therefore fallible. There's a lot to be said about 'human error', I mean who knows, our whole universe could have been accidental. Guilt can keep us from really letting go and embracing life, continue us propelled on the hamster wheel of human doing, never stopping to be a human being- you know what I mean, when 100% just isn't enough and perfectionism has to be constantly tended to and even then it's unattainable, because, well, we're human.

Toxic relationships can spike the guilt of, why am I staying, why can't I leave? They can leave seeds that grow even after leaving, when you do get the courage to escape. Guilt is silent, it is that voice in your head that reminds you, you just aren't good enough. 

Hypnotherapy can help to put the guilt in perspective and give you tools to mentally, physically and spiritually move on and move out of that critical nag in your head. 

Lets face it, guilt at whatever level is unhelpful and can be just the worst problem to live with. Over time guilt and all of its related disorders can take a toll on mental and physical health and general well being.

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