Just how long are we going to put off our souls' purpose?

Have you ever felt like that?

Have you ever realised that months, maybe years have gone by and you still haven't started that painting, that book, or even that bit of DIY you wanted to restore?

The joy of hypnotherapy is that it opens you up to your creativity, whether it is seeing the world in a different way, noticing the hues and being inspired or whether it reduces that critical, judgemental voice inside that says, "Why should YOU do it?" "What gives you the right to think people may want to enjoy your stuff?!"

Hypnotherapy reaches in 'THERE', we can reach deep inside and help stir the passion or quieten the voice. 

We can work at just How to get started and when to fit things in.

Our creativity is such an integral part of who we are, when we are creative, and denying that vital part of us, denies our truth...Eventually.

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