"I went to see Tracey for a couple of sessions before undertaking IVF treatment abroad.  Years of treatment had left me with anxiety, self doubt and resentment that needed addressing before embarking on my next round of treatment.  Tracey was a wonderful listener and advisor, she allowed me to talk freely how I felt about all aspects of my life and taught me how to look at things differently in a more constructive and positive manner.  After the sessions with Tracey I felt relieved and rejuvenated - had bundles of confidence and am now sat here writing this with my 2 month old daughter on my lap, and couldn’t be happier.  Thank you Tracey, I owe you so much, I could never have got here without you."

Why hypnosis for Fertility?

The mind-body connection is an intensive connection, and a huge part of that connection is unconscious. This embedded unconscious belief can have a huge impact on fertility and how fertile we feel- this affects how fertile we physically behave... If you have even just the smallest chance of conception- that is still a chance! With hypnotherapy we can begin to believe and expand that chance into possibility, and with possibilities come more possibilities, and that can create excitement and with excitement comes... well, you know the rest. So even if you don't call even if you don't get in touch, expand your possibilities!

Why Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is now well and long established as a calm, less intrusive, drug free alternative to the modern high tech approach favoured by many hospitals. The emphasis there is for ease of delivery for them, rather than for you and your baby.

Because you can…

Our bodies are designed to give birth to our babies….Our babies are made by us and fit us, one of the many wonders of nature. Somewhere in our culture this seems to have been forgotten. Maybe this is due to the great leaps in medicine and hospitals being cleaner, safer places to have a baby. And maybe the result is that we have less trust in what our amazing bodies are capable of.

Hypnobirthing is hypnosis for having your baby and it enables you to welcome your baby into the world from a relaxed, in control, peaceful state of mind.

Hypnobirthing is simple and functional, for the mother to be who is practical and pragmatic and wants a natural, easy birth. There can be frills if you want, however, knowing that you’re in control and you can understand what your body is saying is the simple basis for a relaxed and easy birth.

Hypnobirthing offers you the possibility of a pain free (low/reduced pain) delivery without the use of drugs or intrusive interventions like Epidurals, and their associated risks to both mother and baby.

All your worries can be discussed and all your plans for your new baby can be put in place with five straightforward hypnosis sessions, some women like to involve their partner, others like to keep a session for after the baby is born; you know what is best for YOU and Hypnobirthing is designed to respect that.

It is important to make adequate preparation for any birth but especially when using Hypnobirthing techniques. Feel free to contact Hypnotherapy Balham in good time so you can be fully prepared and ready to relax.

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