You know, one of the most frequent questions typed into Google regarding mental health, is, 'AM I MENTAL?'

Because when we feel different from others, we start to question, 'Is it me?'

Most often it isn't, we are just people in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that can be anything, from not fitting in with work colleagues to not finding the right friendship groups, to being in an uneasy relationship or being continually stressed because underneath it all we feel like an interloper because we can't see the good in ourselves or we don't feel good enough, or we feel unloveable; there are so many things that can lead us to thinking, Is it me? am I crazy?

Sometimes this is where we need just a little bit of help, because we can be in the wrong circumstances for us for such a long time, with no answers and what feels like no way out.

It's Ok we all do it....

.....Especially when we are sensitive or creative, and especially when we are emotionally more articulate and empathic than those around us, and we can so easily be affected by people who just don't feel the same way we do.

Somewhere along the line, we can forget that people are different; just the same as we have different shapes, sizes, colourings, we all have different ways of thinking, feeling and processing, but

we can't see that in others,

we can only guess they are different by their actions and sometimes their actions are so different to our own, so removed from our belief system that it can leave us with so many more questions, questions we can only find the answer to by blaming ourselves.....Incorrectly.

And funnily enough, when we do so much self blaming- it doesn't make any difference.... 

...Other than make us feel more terrible, and, we get stuck into another cycle, then another cycle until, Boom! there we are, typing,

'Am I mental?' into Google.

In my years of working as a Hypnotherapist I have seen many patients that have grown up with an illness in the family; in a parent or a sibling, these patients also fear that they may genetically be disposed to that illness, as they were constantly second guessing what they were doing, how they were behaving or reacting, questioning the choices they made- A whole list of questioning that people with a secure family base or in a secure relationship have never have to consider. Eventually the patients got used to their continually guessing, and then questioning the guessing, so on and so forth that they became on this constant cycle of analysis and internal drama, and no wonder they thought, Am I going mad?! Am I crazy?! Forgetting or not knowing that Sometimes, sometimes, it can just be the environment or one 'bad apple' in the pot around them.

Hypnotherapy can work consciously and subconsciously with these analytical belief systems to help you to become free of the constant chatter and self analysis to actually enjoy each moment as it comes. The work we do together can help to separate the 'good' from the 'bad' and get a more comprehensive understanding of what exactly is going on, and chances are? Chances are, no madness is involved whatsoever.

It is OK to be you, and with a little help, you can use those questioning skills in a positive way and, with a little bit more confidence about who you are, you can make changes (big or small) to become how you want and change that old negative thinking into a helpful super-power.

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