Hypnosis...Don't believe it.


15% of people are highly susceptible to hypnosis

70% of people are susceptible

15% of people have a low susceptibility

How do we know who we are?

Does it matter?

As a Hypnotherapist, it does matter, but then, it's my job.

Will hypnosis work for me?

Is a regular question I get asked, and at the beginning of any course of work, in fairness, I have no idea.

I know, EVERYONE is susceptible; I just don't know how much.

What I do know, is that I put all my training and life wisdom (some may laugh at this point) into each session, with every client, and we do what ever works to get the change they want.

There is a lovely metaphor:

A plumber gets called in to fix someones bathroom leak, he walks in and the owner explains that they have tried EVERYTHING to fix the leak...Everything- and they are at a loss. The plumber listens to all they have done and turns the system on, listens very carefully and gets his pliers and hammer out of his toolbox, goes upstairs, tweaks a leaver and taps a pipe a couple of times.

He then returns downstairs and says, "The problem's fixed, that'll be £500 please".

The owner, horrified, says, "HOW MUCH?! How is that possible? You were only here five minutes?!"

And the plumber says, "You're not paying for just my time; anyone can tap a few pipes; you're paying for me KNOWING where to tap".

That's the beauty of any great therapy; a lifetime of behaviour can change in just a few moments with knowing exactly where to tap.

Aside from whether hypnosis works for you or not; within any great hypnotherapy comes the learnt understanding of behaviours and rituals alongside the habits we create to reinforce such things...We can learn and understand that bit more about ourselves.

Hypnosis does work, but for the sceptics and the low susceptibility'ists' so too does the therapy, and for those people who believe, 'To get a job done, do it yourself" So does the hour where, they can do it themselves- with a little bit of support for heading in the right direction.

And even with the low susceptibility"ists', those who like to hold ALL the control, and the sceptics who only know what they know; over time the trust can build and even they can choose to want hypnosis...And most do.