The January Diet. 5 Top tips for "losing weight".


So many diets and resolutions fail at this time of the year, because our subconscious mind doesn't know quite what is happening and so we end up with the internal battle that eventually means we revert back to old safe patterns. 

So here's just a couple of tips to get the subconscious onboard if you want to succeed in chucking off the Kilos!

1.     Go to bed hungry - Start tonight, not tomorrow. Wake up in the morning already feeling confident.

2.     “I will feel good if…….” -Make food choices to make you feel good, yes, that does mean occasionally eating cake if the moment calls for it!

3     Do what suits YOU - What did you do in the past that worked…long term? It may be a simple gesture; When I eat an apple I feel inspired and in control, for others it may be the dreaded cabbage soup- it can be anything that quietly makes you feel resourceful and like you are suceeding.

4     Be kind to yourself - Is this week already better than last week? Celebrate the daily/weekly successes, this inspires long term confidence in your self to do it!

5     Want to GET RID OF YOUR FAT! - Own your body. “Lose weight” is too ambiguous and no one likes to lose anything.

Remember, achieving ANYTHING different in January is a result in itself!!!