More = More

Don't be afraid of the doodle!

We had our annual National Council for Hypnotherapy conference this weekend, with four fabulous speakers! Trevor Silvester, Ivan Tyrrell, Aaron Turner and Roy. F. Baumeister.  During the day, inspired by what was being said, I took notes upon notes to remember ....EVERYTHING!!! 

I find note taking helps me to subconsciously learn and process by processing through my hands. 

At the end of the day a couple of people asked what I was doing; "It's the way I have always taken notes," I explained, "Some people think in lists, I think in randoms". I find it helps me to remember the sentiment of the talk, if I remember the images I was feeling /seeing at the time; a bit like when you hear a piece of music and it takes you back to the time when it first resonated.

What my note taking also does is it helps me to speed up finding what I was looking for in months to come, rather than reading my way down endless lists.

Now, this approach doesn't suit everybody, I know, but, for the humble, disorganised creatives like myself, it is a great approach to learning or revising.

But also there is opportunity for make links easier- such as the pink ink made links for me throughout the different subjects presented. 

So if you do like a doodle and you do need to remember stuff.... give it a go- Keep your doodles to remind you of what was been said.

What I took from the day was remembering to work simply; go with the basics (amongst other things). But mainly to remember no matter what you do-


The more we do something, the easier it gets to do and the easier it gets to do MORE of the same.

That 'same' can be sitting on the sofa eating chocolate or nipping out for a quick walk around the block.

So how about, with the change of the weather we decide to adapt with it, by employing just one or two tiny changes?



And those changes become habit....the things we do...and we forget that we are doing them and decide to do new things to adapt to our new self.


So even if its as simple as, brushing teeth EVERY morning (yes, I have just finished talking to my teen with a dry toothbrush) or as complicated as a 5 fruit smoothie before the jog, change can be good in little nibbles.

Bon-doodle chaps!

Oooo! And finally, if you notice something in the doodles that resonate with you, please do let me know!