Carpe Diem

Those who know me well; clients and friends alike, know that I very much ascribe to Carpe Diem, and this evening was to be no different.

This evening I would be all tucked up with my best friend in the deepest darkest part of Scotland preparing to greet tomorrow's eclipse with a little vino, but alas, it was not meant to be (another win for EasyJet) as my little Poppy- a 9 year old King Charles Spaniel, was a little too zealous around the local common on our usual walk.

So instead I am home nursing my snoring Spaniel with one sore sprained leg....I am not entirely sure who is the most miserable. 

Naturally, I've spent the entire day consoling myself over the loss of ticket cost as much as the loss of the loveliest of company. So as a consequence, I decided to take a trip to B&Q to peruse hardware to cheer myself up (each to their own, I know). After a frisson with the excitement of an Angle Grinder (I chose to not buy) I made my way home empty handed and empty hearted. Not that cheery, it has to be said.

I drove past my son's school on route and the students were all on their break, and, as it happened, I noticed my 17 year old in the yard; instinct overrode sensitivity and before I knew it I beeped the horn... twice. "Oooh Nooo! Crap! " I thought, "I'll pay for that later" and as I was thinking that with 'mother shame', he looked up, saw me......And smiled...And waved!!! 

The rest of my journey home I beamed....And beamed. That moment as precious as any eclipse.