Mechanical thinking for weight loss.



5 top tips for weight loss ....The kind way.


If diets don’t work then what now?

How about attempting a couple of practical little changes?

Think about your body in terms of what stresses/excites it- imagine it is a machine that needs to be cared for- It’s basic functions for survival are drinking, eating, exercise and sleeping.

(And this may be very dull for the dieters who like “extreme” dieting)


Be boring.

Think logically.

Think mechanically.


1.    Get enough sleep; if the body is tired, the body is stressed.


Spaced 4 hours apart ideally- this will give your digestive system and the related hormones a break.

3.    Eat before exercise.

If your body wakes hungry/thirsty and you exercise before anything, you’re stressing your body.

4.    Go to natural foods; avoid heavily processed foods- The more processed the food, the harder it is for our natural bodies to process- this stresses the body.

5.    If you’re going to drink alcohol, drink it with your meal.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be useful to alter the mind into thinking about the body and it’s functions- stripped clean of emotions; that we eat, we drink, we exercise, to be healthy for survival- 

We have an optimum weight for survival which is normal, natural and ideal.

When we aim for this, our will power works WITH us and not against us in fear of starvation.

Think about it, it’s easy when it’s logical.

.....And if there is resistance to that? Then chances are there are emotional factors getting in the way, hypnosis can work with establishing those factors, getting rid of them and replacing them with positive emotional beliefs.

Like anything, gentle baby steps are always easier for change, so just tailor your life a little and you will get little results, tailor yourself a lot and the results get bigger, and remember, your body is a machine when it’s well oiled and regulated it works at it’s best.