Weightloss vs Addiction

What is food addiction?

Food addiction pretty much is being addicted to rubbish food in the same way that people are addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs. A food addicts' brain transmitters respond in the same way that a junkies brain would respond to their drug. 

Food addiction is a relatively new (and controversial) term, but is something to consider when you reflect on how you respond to certain foods.

How to beat food addiction.

The best way for losing weight is getting to know yourself- How you respond to situations as much as how you respond to foods.

The way hypnosis works with "comfort eating" is a similar way to dealing with different addictions; usually comfort eating is due to the trigger of certain foods that involves white sugar and the refined carbs.  For example, at this time of year, I KNOW hot cross buns are a trigger food for me, because after I have one bun I find myself justifying why I should have more, this can then lead to opening the doorway to other sugary foods. The best remedy? Sadly, not buying hot cross buns in the first place.

Conquering food addiction and the triggers is not easy and not simple, and like Alcoholics Anonymous; the first step is admitting the addiction in the first place- And although there are many jokes of people admitting, "My name is X and I am an alcoholic.."  The sentiment of the statement means the alcoholic recognises that they WANT the drink, their journey will be tough, but they will abstain from what they want the most.

Yep, if it's chocolate, start with that. Abstain from chocolate and be aware that it has been your destructive drug, if it's cheese, do the same.

The beautiful thing about the change is that it only takes a few days for the body to adjust once the mind is set, be gentle and praise yourself for three days after you decide to stop- coach your way through it....At this time of year, it WILL get easier!


We have summer ahead.......

This is a great time to CHANGE!

..........It will get easier!


How does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be incredibly effective if you WANT to lose weight and it "bolsters your intent" like a megaphone, the words need to be there and the hypnosis "shouts" it. For everyone weight control/loss varies from person to person, for some it is "comfort eating" (addiction) others, portion control and so on. Some people want to future focus and goal set, others know their behaviours are linked to something in their past....Either way, hypnosis can make a difference if you are ready to change your body!