Teenage Angst.

For a while doing GCSE's the talented teen can pretty much coast. The talented teen can be in the upper section of their class and be happy with a bit of effort being put into their work.

But of course there can be a point where, in their however many years of coasting on their intellectual talents, they hit the academic "wall" and learning easily starts becoming not so easy. For some, this can lead to an interesting "fail" slope- Purely because they haven't learnt the discipline of study and how to study/revise- because they have never needed to. Their talents have always done them pretty well.

So for some teenagers and their art of study, it may simply be a case of back to basics; "The how to study/how to learn." So if you have an otherwise talented teen that has hit the wall with learning it may be a case of simply showing them the structure of HOW to revise; of how to learn 'academically' because, up to now they have never needed to.

A couple of top tips to begin:

  • Understand your exams- what the questions are asking and how many points each question is worth.
  • Chunk down your subjects to suit your concentration time.
  • Revise without screen/music distractions- research shows that when the telly is on, learnt information goes to a different part of the brain.
  • Think about the ways you learn best and use them.
  • Don't be afraid of actually ENJOYING revising. 

And of course there are great tricks to learning, the most important part is understanding HOW we learn- everyone takes in information differently. Hypnotherapy can help with the ability to study, both practically and subconsciously and Hypnotherapy can help give you the confidence to succeed!