Resources Vs Resourcefulness

Such a simple story really.

So what stops us?

Our resources? Of course....There is only so much time in the day, there is only so much money. There are so many limits when we look externally and they can limit us....Really limit us..If we look at life from an emotional external perspective.

Shoes are my favourite thing; if I see a pair of shoes on someone that I fall in love with (the shoes that is) I will, without a dropped heart beat say, "Lovely shoes! Where did you get those from?" (usually the second part is already answered as that person loves shoes too and can't wait to talk about shoes). Or I can easily find the time to hunt down a pair online scanning endless page after page until I find the right pair. Suddenly my brain switches into "Focus", and bam! I am focussed- I want those shoes.

How resourceful am I?!

But of course my emotions are involved...I WANT them- the emotions kick in positively, there is no inner dialogue, no endless emotional turmoil (other than perhaps the guilt of another pair). 

Imagine if that superpower of Will is applied to the other areas of my life? 

What if I could find the time (because I want it). Find the money -because I will strategically plan the cost (because I want it).... etc etc

So how can we apply this? Within Hypnosis we move the negative emotions blocking our pathways to success, we can get rid of the self-doubting blocks and find our driven, resourceful self- the one that buys shoes without thinking (even though very cleverly, the mind is super sonically thinking but focussed on a goal) ...That self!

When we look internally at all we are truly capable of, when we look at our past events and think- 'Wow; I got through it, it may have knocked me sideways a bit but, I have done it' We can congratulate ourselves, but more importantly we could look at what we have learnt from it...What we have added to our own hidden reserves that will make us capable of achieving what we really want. Even if all we have learnt is how we are when sideswiped. Because every knock we survive makes us more resourceful than the person next to us who hadn't got a knock

We become better equipped- we know ourselves better and we can use that knowledge to get what we want, If we look at our knocks as acquisitions rather than blocks.

We know stuff!  Getting to the end may be simple, but sometimes the art of beginning needs a bit of sorting.

If we can't see our true resourcefulnesses...Ask friends, ask others, ask for help to see yourself clearly. If you want to be proactive sooner give Hypnotherapy a go- You know yourself better than anyone and you know what you are truly capable of, set that amazing part of yourself to work with Hypnosis...Why not?