Talking about Talking with Teens.

Word of warning.... TOMORROW.

Talking with Teens is on Thurs  27th Nov at 7pm.

We are almost fully booked now but can squeeze one or two in!

Please let Alan know at Streatham Osteopaths.

Call or text: 07802826109 to book a place. 

We all look forward to hearing from you. 

Tracey’s number is: 07976629098

To introduce Hypnotherapy (and myself) to Furzedown, I am doing a small talk on how hypnotic language patterns can be used when talking with the most challenging of people: THE Teens, to gain the advantage of having (in the least) a tidy bedroom!

People already know that hypnosis induces a trance-like state in people, and yes, it can and does, but the key to any trick is the listening, and sometimes (myself included) we are already going through our lives in a trance-like state; playing out familiar patterns with familiar people in the same way. So othertimes, successful Hypnotherapy is the art of coming OUT of our trances.

Come to the talk at Streatham Osteopaths, in the least there’s wine on the go, the best, you can have a laugh at what fun you can have putting your teen in a double-bind…. Give it a go….

”You look happy today- Is that because you want to make me a tea or a coffee?”

Kettles could be going off all over Furzedown….