Lost your spark?


10 top tips to getting the sparkle back to life.

1) Watch a TED talk first thing; let great speakers inspire you to begin your day.

2) (My least favourite) Do some exercise; drag a friend out for a walk if you dislike it as much as I do, or give Youtube a go, there’s loads of exercise videos on there. Whatever you do, find a way to elevate your heart to elevate your spirits.

3) Consider the worst things that could happen during the day, and at the end of the day notice how many of the worst things didn’t actually happen. Start mentally collecting the results.

4) Give self hypnosis or guided meditation a go, there’s loads of stuff on Youtube. If you haven’t tried Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, it would be a great start.

5) Do something different, whether that’s (4) or in my case, (2), just give even the tiniest different thing a go.

6) MUSIC! Play those tracks LOUD!

7) DANCE! Remember when the songs sang to you? Feel their joy again, and remember change happens instantly sometimes, this too will pass.

Edwin Starr, Contact is one of my get up and dance favs! (Mind you my boys cringe at my taste!)

8) Give yourself the opportunity to “just do” one or some of those things on your list: Just do 5 minutes on something, whether you do it right or wrong, good or bad, doesn’t matter, just do.

9) Go through your things and chuck some stuff out! Yay! Enjoy the liberating feeling of shedding your old skin, whether its the wardrobe, the kitchen cupboard, the paperwork, Chuck Chuck CHUCK!

10) Talk to the right someone, It does help you know. :)

IF you are constantly giving yourself a hard time, so much so that you have extinguished your own spark, go and find someone that you can work with to find the spark and help to silence that unhelpful critic.

Life is hard enough out there, without it being hard inside your head.