Game of Scones.


Back to School for Mums.

As if the kids suffering isn't enough, the whole playground hell is knocking.

What’s that sound? Is it the sound of the clock counting down to that dreaded first day, second day, next week, year after year?

Tick tock…

School time.

School uniform? Check.

New shoes? Check.

Summer of just enough catching up with the school friends to keep the return to school bearable.

New super trendy school lunch box? Nope

-Old, skanky, last year’s much loved (and rinsed and still stained) Tantrum-less lunchbox? Check.

Homework? Check.

Hamster still alive? (for those less fortunate summer sitters (well played school, well played.)) Check.

Full body covered armour? Check.

Flying dragons? Check.

Sanity..... meh.


How to OWN the yard.

Five top tips.

1. Smile, everyone else is terrified too. If you’re going down, go down smiling.

2. Everyone in the school playground is, thinking about THEMSELVES… And their child being the best. No-one actually has anytime for you and yours, let alone what you're doing to survive.

3. Have three questions lined up rehearsed and ready. Yes! It may seem bizarre but It works to be prepared even with seemingly inane casual chatter- None knows whats inside your head.

4. Invite mums ‘in’, use your body by turning yourself to mums mid chat or stepping back to include them, and then ask them what they think, this sets a precedence moving forward, people will subconsciously learn you are safe and inclusive and will more likely gravitate to you in the yard.

5. This is not you. You are mother, lover, friend, independent woman, who do you want to be? You can create whatever sort of yard self you want…. You can walk through the gates like Daenerys walking through the flames (ideally with clothes) into a yard of Dothraki. Just have fun….Know one knows what goes on in your mind. 


If in doubt, hypnosis can help too. You can feel a strong, confident player in the yard.